Rig Moves

Australia’s Rig Moving Specialists

Since 2005, Cargo Movers has undertaken multiple rig moves in Australia and throughout the world. Our freight and logistics competencies in this area are world-renowned.

We have moved rigs ranging from 1200cbm to 7000cbm of cargo. Our intricate knowledge of Australian and international logistics, customs regulations, and industry forces has made us a leader in this field.

Our rig moving services include:

Load List & Rig Overview We can visit rig sites and check or compile detailed load lists in consultation with rig managers. Each load is examined to minimise transport dimensions and reduce risks. We ensure close consultation with rig managers, superintendents and senior toolpushers to reach final agreement.
Project Management Cargo Movers manages rig move projects as a turnkey service. We ensure rig moves are undertaken in the correct sequence: Load Planning and Management, Load Restraint Surveys, Road and Route Survey, Crane Lifting Services, Site Supervision, Contractor Management, Risk Assessment, and OHSE. Each service can be implemented and managed strategically by Cargo Movers.
Road Freight Services We provide intra/interstate services for rig equipment and rig moving. Our experienced team can source and negotiate terms for the supply of all required trailers and prime movers. We also work in sequence to a plan when coordinating subcontractors.
Crane & Rig Truck Services Cargo Movers can oversee your rig move and nominate required lifting equipment (including examining lift radius and distances to determine crane suitability) to ensure correct handling of all items on the load list. We can also provide contacts with rig trucks to assist in loading camps and skid mounted cargo.
Supervision & Truck Pushing Cargo Movers has extensive experience in supervising rig moves at site. We can also provide suitably experienced staff to assist in carrying out the transport plan (truck pushing). This can be done in consultation with the rig manager and primary contractor.
Reporting & Wash Up We can compile and report on the overall rig moving process as a means to enhance future services. Daily reports are logged and then compiled to enable clear assessment by the primary contractor. Typical reporting metrics include (but are not limited to): incidents or near miss, contractor performance, time delays, hours of work, under-utilised equipment, client feedback/comments, load rates, and daily movements. Metrics can also be identified and agreed upon at a pre-commencement meeting.

For further information about our rig moving services, email operations@cargomovers.com.au or phone +61 8 9456 0003.