Project Logistics

Project Logistics for Oil & Gas/Mining Freight

Cargo Movers manages logistics for all types of cargo from anywhere in the world, by land, sea and air. We specialise in major mining and engineering projects and can organise the transport and delivery of heavy and oversize items to and from remote locations around the globe.

Through our worldwide infrastructure of agents, we have the management capability to accommodate every aspect of project freight movement, from initial planning and preparation to final delivery. We can organise all the necessary equipment, resources, documentation, and labour required to successfully and efficiently complete your project.

Affordable Logistics Solutions

Through our expertise and alliances with ship agents, owners, operators, and aircraft personnel, we are able to offer our clients highly competitive pricing for all types of freight handling requirements.

We are fully conversant with all national and international customs, quarantine, and statutory regulations and can guarantee that every cargo and documentation requirement will be met throughout the entire pick up, transport, and delivery process.

Customs Clearance

Cargo Movers organises full customs and quarantine clearance for all products imported into Australia. We have considerable experience in arranging the immediate classification and customs pre-clearance of imports, particularly for specialist products used in the resources industry. We ensure that all necessary documentation is provided to quarantine and customs prior to the arrival of your shipment to guarantee delivery in the shortest time possible.

Knowledge of current national and international regulations and tariffs allow us to provide you with exact costs of all applicable duties and taxes at the outset.

Overseas Quarantine Preparation & Clearance

The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) has some of the most stringent measures in the world and operates a zero tolerance policy towards the importation of contaminated machinery. Cargo Movers can make recommendations and assist with the organisation of overseas cleaning of equipment prior to shipping. We also regularly work alongside AQIS in international jurisdictions during the dismantling, cleaning and inspection process.

Industrial Poly Wrapping

Cargo Movers has undertaken many projects involving the importation of new and used equipment from overseas to Australia. Any contamination found on equipment upon arrival into Australia can delay clearance and delivery. Additional transportation and cleaning requirements at the arrival port can also add further costs.

To save time and money, we strongly recommend that drilling equipment being imported via “Break Bulk” or “Roll-Off Roll-On” services be Industrial Poly Wrapped prior to transport to the port and loading onto ships for export.

The Industrial Poly Wrapped process reduces the potential for quarantine-related material being transferred onto equipment during movement and loading at the port. It also reduces possible cross-contamination from other cargo being imported, which may be on the same vessel.

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